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    How Did You Hear About Us?

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      Call 210-625-6575 or fill out the form below and an Specialist will call you

      How Did You Hear About Us?

      By clicking the "Get a Free Quote" button below, I agree that an Alamo specialist may contact me via text messages or phone calls to the phone number provided by me using automated technology about Alamo offers.

      Security Cameras & Smart Home Automation Products

      Security Panel and Smart Home Hub

      Security Panel and Smart Home Hub

      Your Qolsys panel is not only your home’s security control station, it also serves as your smart home automation hub. With this panel, you are able to control all of your smart home devices such as, locks, thermostats, lights, and much more. This system also has the app for iPhone and Android, so you can control your home on the go from any, unlimited number of mobile devices.

      Honeywell Lyric Panel

      Qolsys Touchscreen Keypads

      • Decorative 7-inch display
      • Simple user interface
      • Two-way communication on panel 
      • Smart home hub/controller built in
      • Backup battery
      • Encrypted WIFI and cellular connectivity
      • Compatible with all Smart Home Z-Wave devices
      • Voice control and Alexa compatible 
      • Built In Glass Break Sensor
      • Built in Camera Video Viewer
      • Geofence technology

      Smart Cameras and Video Surveillance

      Doorbell Camera

      Doorbell Camera

      One of the most exciting new home security cameras in the last decade, the new Doorbell Camera. With its 1080p HD picture, motion detection, and color night vision, you can see every person who walks up to your front door, from anywhere in the world, using the mobile app while getting notifications instantly. Want to know when the kids get home from school? Want to know when a package has been delivered? Want to know when not to answer the door because it’s an annoying solicitor? Friend or family member visiting? Is someone suspicious checking your house to see if you’re home? Is someone stealing your package? This camera has a bunch of day to day functions to make your home more efficient, but also has some really great home security and safety uses as well.

      Outdoor Security Camera

      Outdoor Camera

      Most security companies use cheap plastic outdoor cameras. If you’re looking for a 1080 p HD camera with motion detection, infrared, motion detection, and made to with a solid steel construction. We have the right camera for you. Our customers absolutely love these cameras! No need for multiple mobile apps, these cameras work with the same app that your home security system and smart home automation devices work with. Did I mention we can set these cameras up with a trip wire feature so if someone walks up to your house the motion detection will send you an alert right to your mobile devices letting you know before someone even gets close! You’ll get notifications anywhere in the world, and especially when you are home or sleeping. These smart cameras are the best we’ve ever had!

      Indoor Security Camera

      Indoor & Motion Viewer Cameras

      Adding cameras on the inside of your home used to very costly and intrusive. With the new indoor cameras from its is very simple. These are amazing 1080p HD bookshelf cameras that once set up can be moved throughout the house and placed wherever you want them. Have any furry friends and want to check on them throughout the day? Have cleaning crews or contractors in your home? Have babysitters watching the kids? Have someone house sitting? Need a baby monitor that works with the same app? These security cameras have tons of functionality, and of course, they are amazing for safety and security. If there happens to be an event in your home you will always have clean/ clear video, and audio. They also come with motion and sound detection that will start recording immediately, and alert you right to your mobile device.

      Smart Home Automation

      smart home door lock

      Smart Lock

      No more keys! The smart home door lock is by far the most used smart home automation device of all of our customers. Have you ever had a family member lock themselves out of the house, or even have you ever been locked out before? We all have! Give every family member their own code for the door, and know what time each individual got home. You can set one-time use codes for babysitters, house sitters, cleaning crews, contractors, and relatives you don’t want to have permanent access. This door lock has a custom integration with the doorbell camera that allows you from the same video screen on your mobile device to unlock the door without leaving the live video. Have you ever had to unlock the door using a key then have to sprint to the security panel to put in your code before the alarm goes off? We can program your door lock to automatically disarm your security panel for you, so you don’t ever have to worry about making that fast dash through your house with your hands full, ever again! AirBNB hosts this thing is an absolute logistical dream for you!

      Smart Home Thermostat


      Save yourself money on power! Never be too hot or too cold ever again! Regular thermostats work on a schedule. Do you have the same exact schedule every day of your life? Life changes day to day and is hard to predict. With a smart thermostat, it does all the money saving tricks for you! When you leave your house and you set your alarm, we will set your thermostat to automatically turn up to your away temperature. When you come home and disarm your system the air will turn back down to your optimal at home temperature. Laying in bed and you would like it a little hotter or colder? No more getting up out of bed. Grab your phone and change it to whatever temperature you want! You would not believe the $$$$ you save a year by having a smart thermostat in the home. Check with your power company because they also give you some pretty sweet discounts for having a smart thermostat.

      Smart Garage Door Opener

      Smart Garage

      One of the easiest entry points for home security breaches in your home is through you garage. Leaving your garage door clicker in your car is very unsafe and leaves your family vulnerable. Also garage doors are easy to pop open using a simple coat hanger. With a smart garage setup, there is no need for a clicker in your vehicle anymore. You can open and close the garage right from your mobile device. You will also be notified on your mobile app anytime the garage door has been opened and you can tell from the app if it is open or closed. Have you ever driven away from the home and wondered if you shut the garage door? Not anymore now all you have to do is look at your phone and if you did leave it open you can close it from your mobile device from anywhere in the world. Ever been out in the yard and need to grab something from the garage? Pull out your phone and open it up. It’s that easy! Have an existing smart garage through Liftmaster or Chamberlin? They have a simple integration to work with your new alarm system!

      Smart Home Lighting

      Smart Home Lighting

      You can control your homes lighting right from your mobile device! You can set up your outside lighting so they turn off and on, sun up to sun down, automatically! If your laying in bed and don’t want to get up to turn the lights off/on, just use your phone! Want to have lights change color in the event of an emergency or the home alarm is going off? Do you want your entry light to turn on when you open the door? Do you want to control the lighting colors throughout your home and turn your house into a party? Do you want all of the lights inside the home to turn on if your alarm is going off? Out of town on Vacation and want lights to turn off and on and look like you’re are home? All of these uses are very easy to set up with your new Honeywell home security system. Having smart lighting saves you money on your electricity bills! Don’t forget ask your security advisor about your smart home lighting options.

      Home Safety and Security

      Protect your home with the safest encrypted home security system sensors. Our equipment is used in commercial, government, and even aerospace security. Whether you are commercial customer or residential, all of the customers are on the safest most secure devices, servers, and infrastructure in the industry. Is your home or business already wired for security or do you have existing security devices? If so, we can connect them to the security infrastructure making your home or business more secure and save you money without having to buy sensors again. Our door and window sensors will trigger an alarm anytime they are breached and your home is armed. Our motion detectors are extremely accurate, small to medium size pet friendly, and will detect any motion in the home when your alarm system is armed in the away mode. The new and improved glass break detection sensors will actually detect the true sound of glass breaking and will also trigger the alarm. We make sure your family and belongings are safe with quality front line devices from the most trusted name in security.

      Home Door/Window Contact Alarm

      Door/Window Contact

      Home Security Motion Detectors

      Motion Detector

      Home Security Glass Break Detector

      Glass Break

      Home Automation Key Fob

      Key Fob

      Emergency and Hazard

      Did you know that all of your emergency home safety devices can be upgraded to be monitored with police, medical, and fire dispatching? All of these devices work with your new system and have notifications to your mobile app and direct connect dispatch to your local first responders. also has flood detection devices that will alert you when a sink, HVAC drain pan, water heater, or pipe leaks right to your mobile device. We can also connect a device to your water shut off valve to turn you water off in case a leak is detected to prevent home flooding and mold. Insurance companies are giving huge discounts for having these smart home flood detection devices, make sure to ask them. Do you have any one in the home that you are worried they can’t get fast medical attention if there is an emergency and you aren’t home? We have medical pendants and fall detectors that will alert the local medical dispatch and send immediate response to your home when these devices are triggered. Ask your security advisor about the ways we can improve you family’s safety with our wide range of emergency and hazard products and how they integrate with your new home security and automation system.

      Smart Home Smoke Detector

      Smoke Detector

      Smart Home Carbon Monoxide Detector

      Carbon Monoxide

      Smart Home Flood Detector

      Flood Detector

      Medical Pendant

      Medical Pendant

      Home Network and WIFI

      Getting decent WIFI in one room and barely any in another room? Let us find a great solution to give you the WIFI signal you need throughout your home or property. We have many different products that we can use from routers, WIFI extenders, mesh networks, etc. Need WIFI out at the pool or far away from your home on your property? If you are having WIFI issues or would like to get WIFI ion areas that it doesn’t reach, be sure to ask you security advisor about your options. We’ve got you covered! All puns intended.

      Eero Kit


      DLink Router