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San Antonio Alarm Permit

Do you need an Alarm Permit in San Antonio?

When you get your Home Security System installed in San Antonio, there is one requirement that you might not be aware of – the security alarm permit. Many cities or counties require a permit to reduce the costs of false alarms so that emergency services don’t have to be unnecessarily taxed. While most places in Texas do not require a permit, it is highly recommended that all customers get their alarm permit for a few reasons. At Alamo Smart Home, we will always remind you after installation to get your alarm permit, however it is up to you to make sure the paperwork gets filed.

An alarm permit will help responders get to the homeowner faster in an emergency. By having access to a registry in their internal database, first responders are able to know exactly where to go.

Many municipalities require two or more emergency contacts to alert about the emergency, which can help notify friends and even help decrease false alarms.

Without getting an alarm permit, you are susceptible to drastically increased false alarm fines. By getting an alarm permit, you typically will be allowed some false alarms in a year – how many depends on your municipality. A false alarm is not just when your alarm goes off, but if the police are called out to your home or business and there is no reason for them to have called. Each municipality is different, however most municipalities will grant the first one to three false alarms in a calendar year with no penalties if you have an alarm permit, and smaller fines after that. Without an alarm permit, you could be liable for up to $300-500 per false alarm.

What do they cost?

The cost of an alarm permit will vary depending on which jurisdiction your home or business falls under. Typically they run $30-$50 annually for a residential permit, and a little more for a commercial permit. Costs can vary for senior citizens and veterans.

The big cost is if you do not get an alarm permit, and have a false alarm. This can cost upwards of $300 per occurrence.

Where can I get It?

It depends on exactly which municipality you are in. Linked below are many of the different San Antonio alarm permits currently available. If you have any questions about your San Antonio alarm permit, feel free to call us at 210-625-6575 or call your local non-emergency police line!

City of San Antonio
Download Permit

Bexar County Alarm Permit
Download Permit

Alamo Heights Alarm Permit
Download Permit

New Braunfels Alarm Permit
Click for link to Alarm Permit

Schertz Alarm Permit
Click for link to Alarm Permit

Cibolo Alarm Permit
Click for link to Alarm Permit

San Marcos Alarm Permit
Download Permit

Universal City Alarm Permit
Click for link to Alarm Permit

Seguin Alarm Permit
Click for link to Alarm Permit

Getting Your Alarm

If you haven’t gotten your alarm yet, we would love to guide you on your search. Alamo Smart Home is Central Texas’ highest rated and more reviewed Home Security Company for a reason! We believe that you should have a low monthly monitoring cost, and be locally serviced and never have your agreement sold off to large out of state companies! We believe in our ability to deliver service so much, we don’t even require contracts! To learn more about how to secure or upgrade your home today, go here